SP series external circulation bottom homogenizing emulsifier

no installation games,SP series of external circulation vacuum emulsifying homogenizers are generally installed at the bottom of the emulsifying pot. The materials in the kettle can be emulsified and homogenized repeatedly through the external circulation pipeline to achieve the adequate and uniform mixing effect, especially suitable for the production of wash-free disinfection gel hand sanitizer.

SP bottom homogenizing emulsifiers with circulation Basic configuration

  • Divided into both SPA & SPC. SPC is a single machine with a lifting function. SPA is more suitable for engineering installation.
  • Equipped with internal or external high shear homogenizer installed at the bottom of equipment.
  • Comes with a two-way agitator with scrapers inside the emulsifying pot as standard.
  • Have the same emulsifying effect as ZJR series of emulsifying machines

Main advantages of SP series of bottom circulation emulsifiers

  • Stainless steel SUS316L optional.
  • Various kinds of operation modes optional.
  • Simple structure inside the tank easier to clean and maintain with CIP cleaning system to be installed selectively.
  • Reliable with high cost performance.

SP Emulsifying Homogenizer Mixer Working Principle:

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The process of mixing solid and liquid, liquid and liquid to form solution, colloid, suspension or emulsion can be used; if juice, soup, dairy products, tissue homogenate, cosmetics, surfactant, asphalt, emulsifier, More than a thousand kinds of materials such as oil field chemicals.

soccer aid viewing figures, class="dt-pswp-item" href="http://ro.bullynomore.in/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/SPC-External-Circulation-Emulsifier.jpg" data-dt-img-description="" data-large_image_width="393" data-large_image_height="555">

>Creams                              >Gels
>Ointments                         >Skin care
>Suspensions                     >Shampoo
>Natural cosmetics            >Sun lotions

>Toothpaste                        >Color cosmetics
>Sauces                               >Dressings

>Mayonnaise                       >Ketchup
>Liquid spices                     >Cheese spread 

>Baby food                           >Jams
> Pet food                             >And many more

Different types of emulsifiers customizable as follows:,tennis match point

Paramaters of SP series of
bottom homogenizing emulsifiers with circulation

 Model Design volume(L) Max. useful volume(L) Min. Useful volume(L) Dimensions (L* W* H mm)
SPA-650 650 520 110 1250*1250*2960
SPA-1300 1300 1000 200 1500*1500*3610
SPA-2000 2000 1500 350 1720*1720*3940
SPA-3000 3000 2500 500 1970*1970*4570
SPA-4000 4000 3000 650 2150*2150*4700

2.5 tons of bottom homogenous mixing tank with external circulation is exported to South America to assist clients in daily chemical production!

handball molten 5000,SP series of homogenous stirring tank unit with bottom homogenizer, weighing 2.5 tons are well received by the customer from Peru in South America. The emulsifier equipment is made of 304 stainless steel, Equipped with steam heating system,has the features of energy saving and environmental protection. In addition, The core part is the combination of external circulation pipeline and the high-speed homogenizer installed at the bottom of the kettle, which can carry out cyclic shear on a continuous basis, improving the homogenizing & emulsifying efficiency and ensure theemulsifying effect of premium quality.

The bottom homogeneous mixing tank ordered by the end user from South America is used for the production of daily chemical washing and care products such asshampoo, shower gel, facial cleanser and other products. The inner surface and working head of the bottom homogenizing emulsifier are made of 304 or 316L stainless steel compliant to GMP health standards. It is suitable for homogenizing, dispersing, mixing, stirring and emulsifying liquid, solid liquid and powder liquid in such industries like chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics. These processes can be completed by one machine, and heating and vacuum functions can also be added.,soccer usa

soccer usa,The consistent business philosophy of our company is that quality is the soul of an enterprise. We treat our clients from all over the world with integrity and commit to providing lifelong technical service to our customers.Let us join hands to create a better future for the development of food, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries in China and even the world!

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