Electric steam generator

Product description:

The electric steam generator uses electric energy as energy source, no noise and no pollution. Using high-quality heating tubes, the surface heat load is low, and the thermal efficiency is high. The hydro-electricity separation design and manufacturing structure can operate without any trouble 24 hours a day. The product adopts cabinet design style, beautiful appearance and compact internal structure, which is an ideal choice for saving space.,soccer manager my home

Brief introduction of inspection-free electric steam generator:

inspection-free electric steam generator

tennis bat holder,1. Unique internal structure design

paddypower account login,The boiler water volume is less than 30L, which is within the scope of the *product, eliminating the complicated annual review procedures for approval. The water and electricity separation structure ensures the safe and trouble-free operation of the equipment.

basketball wallpaper cave,2. Excellent heating element

patrick ewing usa basketball card,Using nickel-chromium alloy heating tube to ensure the long-term effective operation of the boiler.

3. Faster venting speed,soccer cleats nike white

The product has a compact structure, extremely fast heating speed, and reaches the working pressure within a few minutes.,basketball match preview

tennis tournament clay court,4. Better soda water separation effect

Unique built-in steam-water separator solves the problem of steam carrying water in general similar products.,haiti olympic tennis team

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